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CBSE OMR Sheet Printing

Instructions for upload
  • Only use our excel template.
  • Do not change column names.
  • Do not insert blank rows.
  • Roll Nos. should be unique, not duplicate.
  • Check the count of records imported before printing.
  • Use only unique school Admission No. as Roll No.
  • For Title (and Logo), upload PNG or JPEG image of 390px by 60px.
  • File size of the Title image should not exceed 200 KB.
How to Evaluate
  • Follow Printing and Scanning Instructions
  • Evaluate sheets using Addmen OMR+ICR software for CBSE.
  • Result will be generated using Unique Roll No. (Admission No.)
Free Facility
  • This is a Free Service for Academic Session 2021-22.
  • Buy the Variable Printing Module
    • To avoid uploading data for every generation.
    • To remove "Evaluate with Addmen OMR+ICR Sheet Checker".
    • To use student data stored only once on your computer to always generate PDF at one click.
  • No excel and form data is stored on the server, it stays in temporary memory till the generation of PDF.
  • The OMR Answer Sheet Layout used for this service is a tentative creation, best to our understanding of the circular issued by CBSE. It may not be the exact replica of the sheet used by CBSE for its final exams.
  • Any free features or services made available other than the sold product may be altered or withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of the company.

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